A Eugene-Springfield "Local Non-Party Party"

Insight, Imagination, Action, Efficiency... Progress
(A party without political correctness and "talking points", a party to translate
public interest into efficient policy and strategic action, and a party that does not
take current political speech and dysfunctional "gotcha" agenda's seriously,
- a party to join or just support.)

Out of the Blue, Out of Impoverishment, Into Insight and Progress

Too long Lane County, Eugene, and Springfield have languished in a slow economic strangulation, and too long Springfield has been the "second choice" of people to live, to raise kids, or invest in the Lane County area. Downtown Springfield, still a semi wasteland, struggling for years, has been slowly returning after years of business failures and seeing businesses and people migrate out of the area and leave to find better places to live and work. The development of the downtown center needs to go faster, and downtown needs to attract new high quality housing and apartments. It needs more reasons for people to live there, shop there, and go there. More than the reasons to just "pass through" on Main. Eugene and especially Springfield, have many natural advantages, and many things done better than other Oregon cities. Springfield has built and connected three corridors for future high speed transit development. Springfield wall art, galleries, and murals like no other city in America. Eugene has bike paths and support for altennative transport like no other city. Springfield's utilities are affordable and it has great investments in parks and green spaces, in fact better than even Eugene's investments. And Eugene finally has reached a point where its downtown is vibrant and active again... all have the potential to flourish and need independent and innovative elements to lead them. The aim here is to disrupt, "inertia as usual" and bring a perspective that rejects mindless development and the idea that government must be partisan, inefficient, and inflexible and slow.

Eugene-Springfield needs to become thoughtful and agile, and pick up the pace of improving and working through solvable problems and development. Springfield and the area need to head off the housing crisis by increasing the number of high quality apartments and dwellings downtown, and build places that people can own and live in as part of a permanent neighborhood. We need interesting ideas, applications, and investments for vast amounts of unused downtown space. We need to create apartment living that people from all social strata, and even those with money will want to buy well thought out apartments and live in our downtown neighborhoods, and diversify our downtown center population. Political energies should be used to focus a public attention on what the future should look like, and make it important to us now.

Leaders Need To Take Responsibility
Standing up for our community and accomplishments in surviving the dependency on anachronistic and atrophied business practices and the equally degraded lost timber economy is something that is important. People need to feel that that we continue to build something that we can be a part of and be proud of -- together. No local political entity is imaginative or active enough to make this a reality or capture the imagination through more interesting policy and practice, of the consciousness of young progressive values.

Innovation and Our Future
With just a little luck, optimism, a creative use of our resources and efficiency -- we can continue to outlast and outpoint governments and campaigns that are bloated, disinterested and boring. Affordable housing, affordable utilities, and a fantastic investment in parks and recreation are all things that Springfield does well. Environmental consciousness, increasing livability, and mitigation are things that Eugene does well. The area has a diverse and hardworking population that needs to be supported and not cast into isolated areas of ghetto-like poverty or be displaced by insensitive commercial development. People's hard work should be rewarded by a government that knows how to use the city's resource base to expand opportunity and expand prosperity to everyone. Springfield has an unrealized potential and needs someone to lead with new ideas. Eugene needs to break gridlock. We want to hear your ideas and want to formulate more of a platform that is dynamic and throws off the inertia of local boredom based political speech. I hope that people will be interested in what develops. The idea is to engage young energy and young ideas and replace the reactionary elements that keep the city from doing far more with less. The aim is to make this a better, more livable, and more prosperous place. And we want to hear from you. Please contact us: springfields.young.future@gmail.com. And with a little support we can make a big difference...

Platform Structure:
Inserting Efficiency, Intelligence, and Truth into Policy and Politics.

* Politics and policy need an efficiency and intelligence and truth infusion. It needs agility and imagination.
The impact and development of a thing is the full cost, the "real cost" of a thing. Budgets must be structured on real cost estimates and practice.

* The minimum wage should be a living wage and the state and unions have let people down by creating a structure far short of that and calling it progress. With very few exceptions, if a person works full time, they should not be dependent on government services, foodstamps, or subsidies to make ends meet. Our corporations are doing well, though profits made from underpaying employees simply increase the tax burden on the rest of us and subsidize their bottom line.

* Political policy and action should be efficient, run by competent as well as socially/economically conscious individuals. Political policy should be creative and lead our culture rather than reflect the denomination of its group ignorance and low expectations and tolerance.

* Government processes should be transparent, efficient, and economical. Competitive with processes in the private sector political processes must not be bloated by procedural barriers, inability to adapt, and frozen by the inertia of career bureaucrats and brokerage of political benefit and grants.

Policy and Our Past

  • The economic history of Downtown Springfield, the evolution of RIverbend, Springfield's malls, and the history of sprawl. Click here.
  • Here is a link to an architect's blog of the kind of brainstorming design process that can be brought in on a much larger scale to transform downtown and the city. NEDCO assisted in this 2011 project.
  • CONTRIBUTIONS POLICY: We accept donations. Please click on the link below here to contribute by credit card or PayPal. Our address is PO Box 492 Springfield OR 97477 if you would rather write a check. Please make out checks to Drake for Mayor Committee. Please remember that all contributions that do not have names and addresses will be returned as campaign disclosure laws in Oregon are very strict. The button below will take you to our payment processing link, credit and debit cards are accepted and the transaction is secure..

Springfield's Undeveloped Potential

S.U.B. has a fully installed fiber optic network framework that circles the entire Springfield area. This is from Downtown to Thurston to Gateway and back again -- and it is just waiting to be hooked up and "lit". Click here for the Google Fiber page to see the kind of thing that is possible with fibre optics. Click here to go to the SUB fiber page.

Springfield should be looking into ways that Springfield can "own" though still contract access to Springfield's already installed fiber network. Fiber can be the infrastructure for high speed internet for everyone in Springfield, even cable televison. This should be part a the public dialogue... the government needs to drive progress and attract these kinds of services and technological advantages to our downtown. Right now the use of the fiber network is incremental and slow. My campaign wants to promote and get investment in making this network (15 times faster than the whats available now from cable TV) available to Springfield's citizens and businesses. We have the ability to attract business, help our citizens compete, and leap frog into the forefront of cities with services.